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general Meta Data
Primary Author/Point of ContactR. Keith Stanfill
Other Contributing Author(s)BYU Office of Contracts and Grants
Institution where resource originatedUniversity of Florida
Disciplines in which resource has been usedMultidisciplinary including non-engineers
Type(s) of institution(s) at which resource has been usedResearch intensive, doctoral, Publicly funded
Capstone course duration (weeks)32
Nature of capstone projects connected with resourceIndustry-sponsored
Timing of resource usage in capstonePre-capstone preparation
First year resource was used in capstone1995
Resource Description
Notes/Observations/Constraints/AdviceConstraints: 1. This agreement letter should not be used for projects with export controlled content, nor for projects and/or sponsoring entities that require citizenship constraints. 2. This letter agreement assigns ownership of the intellectual property generated by the project team to the sponsor company. 3. This agreement letter refers to the sponsor fee as an unrestricted educational grant. "Unrestricted" is key if the funds will be used to support the overall capstone program, or to fund other initiatives at the institution. 4. This agreement letter states there are no indirect charges (IDC). At UF, there is no overhead charged to the IPPD projects. Notes: The UF IPPD program has operated under a letter agreement contract since 1995. At the 2010 Capstone Design Conference, colleagues from Brigham Young University shared their letter agreement and subsequently published the document as part of a conference paper at ASEE. The agreement letter attached to this resource has been adopted from the BYU agreement letter for use at the University of Florida. The agreement references a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that all capstone program (in our case, IPPD) participants sign. This NDA document was also created at BYU and follows standard practices for NDAs with the following exceptions: 1. the NDA is not intended to be an agreement between the university (and/or its students, faculty, administrators and staff), and the sponsor. Rather, the NDA serves the purpose of allowing project intellectual property discussions, including proprietary sponsor information, to occur in the classroom and projects team laboratories as part of the regular educational process, without breaching sponsor confidentiality. Basically, all students, faculty and staff associated with all the projects can freely discuss amongst themselves, all the projects in the program during normal educational activities. Sponsors may wish to have a separate 2-way NDA established with the university. 2. the NDA includes assignment of the intellectual property (IP) to the university. This may or may not be in concert with laws in other states. Note that the university in turn assigns the IP to the project sponsor.

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