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general Meta Data
Primary Author/Point of ContactMichael Paul
Other Contributing Author(s)
Institution where resource originatedUniversity of Delaware
Disciplines in which resource has been usedMultidisciplinary within engineering
Type(s) of institution(s) at which resource has been usedResearch intensive, doctoral, Publicly funded
Capstone course duration (weeks)27
Nature of capstone projects connected with resourceFaculty-sponsored
Timing of resource usage in capstoneMiddle
First year resource was used in capstone1997
Resource Description
Notes/Observations/Constraints/AdviceThis form is used by the four discipline instructors (who serve as the project owner's "experts") to evaluate the eight team presentations in support of their proposals to win the commission to perform the engineering design of the project.
Assessments Meta Data
Category of outcomes assessedCommunication-oral, Communication-graphical, Teamwork, Use of modern tools, Analyzing/interpreting data, Problem framing, Business potential
Types of student responses requiredOral presentation
Rubrics for scoring (check one): No
Number of students typically assessed at one time using this instrument25-74
Instrument testingTest data analyzed
Scoring consistency by multiple ratersStrong evidence for reliable scoring
Validity or accuracy in measuring what was intendedStrong evidence for measure being accurate
Associated Publication

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