Client Interaction Initial Meeting Rubric

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general Meta Data
Primary Author/Point of ContactJohn Estell
Other Contributing Author(s)Susannah Howe, B. Kris Jaeger-Helton
Institution where resource originatedOhio Northern University, Smith College, Northeastern University
Disciplines in which resource has been usedMultidisciplinary including non-engineers
Type(s) of institution(s) at which resource has been usedResearch intensive, doctoral, Masters granting, Undergraduate only, Liberal arts institution, Private, Co-educational, All-female
Capstone course duration (weeks)26-30
Nature of capstone projects connected with resourceIndustry-sponsored, Faculty-sponsored, Socially-motivated, Other (specify)
Timing of resource usage in capstoneBeginning
First year resource was used in capstone2017
Resource DescriptionOne-page rubric to guide and inform student-client interaction during the initial client meetings. Rubric can be used in advance of the initial meeting for preparation, during the initial meeting as a checklist, and after the initial meeting for reflection. Clients can complete the rubric to provide feedback on student performance.
Notes/Observations/Constraints/AdviceRubric can be used in whole or in part, and need not be used in an evaluative capacity.
Assessments Meta Data
Category of outcomes assessedCommunication-oral, Independent/life-long learning, Ethics and responsibility, Problem framing
Types of student responses requiredCompletion (fill blanks)
Rubrics for scoring (check one): Yes, rubrics included
Number of students typically assessed at one time using this instrument25-74
Instrument testingTest data analyzed
Scoring consistency by multiple ratersSome evidence
Validity or accuracy in measuring what was intendedSome evidence
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