University of Delaware – Civil & Environmental Engineering

general Meta Data
Institution LocationNewark, DE
Institution TypeResearch intensive, doctoral, Public
ABET accreditedYes
Disciplines of capstone programMultidisciplinary within engineering
Nature of capstone projectsFaculty-sponsored
Duration of capstone course(s) (in weeks)27
Average number of students per project10+ students
Average number of projects per course1 project
Standard fee (US$) charged to project sponsors
Program URL
Additional NotesSince 1999, the senior design capstone course has involved a two semester, four discipline project. This year, 116 seniors split into four disciplines (civil-site, environmental, structures, or transportation) and formed eight competing teams of about 13 to win the commission then perform the preliminary engineering for a complex, large, “real world” project while receiving instruction in many non-technical topics that are essential to the course deliverables and to their careers. Four experienced practicing professionals served as discipline instructors. Eight younger engineers, in private practice or a public agency, served as team mentors. Students produce the following team deliverables, in addition to an individual technical assignment and an individual proposal assignment: • A team plan for the execution of the work over two semesters. • A proposal to win the commission for the project. • An engineering report (and drawings) documenting the preliminary design of the project. • Formal presentations to the owner’s panel of experts for the proposal and the engineering report, plus working presentations in two progress meetings with the owner. The mature course (which still changes year to year) is able to operate efficiently because of the many documents and documented procedures it has developed, such as: Detailed Syllabus Request for Engineering Services (Project) Detailed Schedule Project Bulletins Cautions & Counsel Progress Meetings with the Owner Grades & Grading Presentation Rules Discipline Selection Presentation Evaluation Mentor Guidelines Proposal Evaluation Voluntary CAD Exercises Report Evaluation