Marshall University – Weisberg Div. of Engineering

general Meta Data
Institution LocationHuntington, WV
Institution TypeMasters granting, Public
ABET accreditedYes
Disciplines of capstone programSingle engineering discipline(s)
Nature of capstone projectsIndustry-sponsored, Student-defined
Duration of capstone course(s) (in weeks)15
Average number of students per project10+ students
Average number of projects per course1 project
Standard fee (US$) charged to project sponsorsNone
Program URL
Additional NotesCapstone course involves a large scale civil engineering project. Design groups of 4 to 6 students design a specific aspect of the project (geotechnical, environmental, transportation, hydraulics/hydrology, structural). Project is a previously designed, but typically not yet built project, so that students can compare their design solution to that of the actual practicing professional.

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